Produit de France
Produit de France
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Vine to Wine
Wine Appreciation

La joie du vin! You don't need fancy smarts to know when wine tastes good. But why limit this joy to only your mouth? Follow these simple steps to make wine appreciation a full-bodied experience!

1. See.
Hold your glass to the light and look closely. Even within the same varietal, color can fluctuate. "Red wines" can range from strawberry pink or pale red to ruby red or deep garnet. "Whites" are typically golden, sometimes as light as straw or even limey-green.

2. Smell.
Swirl the wine in your glass to release its full range of aromas. Whiff quickly for a first impression. Then inhale slowly and deeply – if you inhale too much, sniff your sleeve to reset your sniffer! Notice other scents: a bouquet of spring flowers or overripe fruit; tilled earth or dense trees; freshly brewed java or campfire smoke.

3. Feel.
Feel the wine move against your tongue. Would you call it light or full-bodied? Lean or rich? What about the texture: Is it velvety or smooth and silky? How about dry like straw?

4. Taste.
Sip, then let the wine rest in your mouth for a moment. Try to identify every swirling flavor: Dry blackberries or juicy plums? Cinnamon or black pepper? Vanilla or leather? (Yes, leather!)

5. Swallow.
Savor the flavor! The finish, or taste the wine leaves behind is sometimes the best part of the tasting experience.